Account Types
  • 1. Cash Account

    A cash account is the most basic type of account. It does not support margin operations. It follows the T+3 clearing system. Day trades are also limited. After an order is executed, the funds are usually not immediately available for trading since it has to follow the T+3 system. Therefore, a cash account usually cannot operate T+0 trades.

  • 2. Limited Margin Account

    A limited margin account cannot utilize margin for trading, but trades follow the T+0 clearing system. Once the total value of the account exceeds $2,000 the limitation on the margin account is lifted, and the account can utilize margin for trading. To raise the total value of a margin account above $2,000, the owner can either deposit additional funds or reinvest the profits from trades.

  • 3. Margin Account

    A margin account can utilize margin to trade securities, as long as the total value of the account is above $2,000. A margin account can also utilize margin to short stocks.

    If a Margin Account's net value is greater than $2,000, but below $25,000, TradeUP will limit the account's T+0 trades to 3 trades within 5 consecutive trading days. If the account operates a 4th T+0 trade, the account will be suspended from all trading for 90 trading days.

    Once the account value returns to $25,000 or more, the account can start T+0 trades with no limitation.


    TradeUP recognizes all open accounts as margin accounts, unless the account owner does not meet the age requirements. Regulations require that investors between 18 and 21 cannot open margin accounts.